On the Path to Asia

Our morning started early with a 5:55 AM flight to LA and a pretty sleepy group of folks. The excitement, however, was palpable and we walked through the Sunport with a purpose. We, all 9 of us, carried on our bags and made the 1:45 hr journey to LAX.

As all travelers know by now, traveling is all about the hurry up and wait. Get to the airport, wait in line, sit in the waiting area, wait in chairs or on the floor, wait until the flight boards, wait in line…you get the idea.

….and we wait….

Today, our waiting was extended by a delayed flight to Japan. Delayed by 30 minutes. The sleep is catching up to us and we are feeling the urge to crash, hard.

Luckily, we’ll have 12 hours on the plane to chill and another 6 1/2 hours to, well, chill some more.

Ready for another flight? The answer is a resounding WHAT?!
Vending Machines…in Japan…Ice Cream!

More to come….lots more!

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