We Made it to Bhutan!

I cannot tell you in words the experience of finally NOT being on an airplane. After 23 hours and 15 minutes of actual, in the air I’m not touching the ground flight time, we are so happy to have our feet firmly on the ground!

I wish I could express our deep, mind-numbing exhaustion and its best not to dwell on the negative when the place you made it to is so wonderful.

We landed in Paro, Bhutan at about 8:30 am local time and then spent the day at the National Museum, Paro Dzong, and the Giant Buddha. The weather was perfect: about 65 degrees F, cloudy, misting rain, very pleasant.

After a couple of meals and a little bit of riding, we are all off to bed to get the well-earned rest we all deserve.

Tashi Delek folks!

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