Capturing the Magic of Bhutan

Truly, if you have not traveled to Bhutan I can find no easy way to convince you of the magical qualities of this place.  I come across as strange when I use words like “sacred, spiritual” and I tend to be dismissed when I say that this place and these people represent some of the most remarkable qualities in the world.  Have I been everywhere? No.  It’s just difficult to explain the feeling and capture the sensation of visiting this place.

Some of the photos included here are attempts at capturing the feeling in terms of weather, landscape, the smiles of people and the work many folks do in this country to make a living for themselves and their families.  Anyway, here is a small collection of images with captions.  Enjoy.

Waving in the wind, this record of ashes scattered across the mountainside appears all across the country as a testament and recognition of one’s passing.  Like the ashes scattered here, these flags will slowly fade and collapse into the ground.
Playing a pick up game of soccer in the Phobijika Valley.
Prayers in Bhutan are everywhere on rocks, in the landscape, on the mouths of the people.
Overlooking the Haa Valley.  The foothills of the Himalayas stretch out in front of you as you can see into Tibet and Sikkim.
Happiness, questions, wonder all show through this photograph of students at Tsangkhap School in central Bhutan.
Following me around the school, these students tried to hide only to be caught in my camera,.
On our hike through the Phobijika Valley.
Near Jakar, school children waiting for the morning assembly and announcements about the day.
Studying for the afternoon, just after lunch…or sleeping through the study time.  Either way, it’s a good place to spend the afternoon.
Across the river to the Weekend Market in Thimphu.
Cole jogging across the field, chasing a ball.


After the football match on a field of mud.

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