Wangdue to Paro

Prayer Flags
Prayer Flags

Our travels have taken us across the country and ow back to the west and the streets of Paro.  As we traveled across the pass between Wangdue and Thimphu, we stopped and talked to a family raising prayer flags for a deceased relative.  Families raise these flags in honor and memory of their passing and the flag poles, 15 to 20 feet tall, are markers of their life.

We headed down the valley road into Thimphu for a lunch stop and visit to Namgay’s sister’s restaurant.  We ate wonderful food, saw baby Atticus again, and were given hand-made journals and a small textile for each of us to carry.  The reception was warm and truly wonderful.  Atticus, of course, was the highlight of the event!

Our arrival in Paro marked the final destination of our trip.  Tomorrow we head to the Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang temple on the cliff face of the Paro Valley.

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