Climbing to Taktsang Temple

The Tiger's Nest in the Clouds.
The Tiger’s Nest in the Clouds.

The hike to the Tiger’s Nest is a remarkable experience.  The trail is steep, muddy, and brutal in places.  The steps up to the temple number 700, and the view of the temple itself is among the most spectacular in the world.

We started our day early, at 7:00 AM, and headed to the trail by 8:00.  We were walking by 9:00 AM and headed UP!  On this day, a Sunday in Bhutan, hundreds of folks traveled to the temple.  A large majority of travelers were Indian soldiers training in Bhutan.  Others included Japanese, Indian nationals, and a scattering of folks from Europe and North America.

The crew is ready!
The crew is ready!
Taktsang Temple Complex
Taktsang Temple Complex

As you can see from the few photos posted here, the trail was challenging for most of us.  At the same time, it was enjoyable and a beautiful day, cloudy, humid, and not too hot.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The slow internet connections here in Bhutan have limited the number of pictures I can load.  Today you will see only two….hopefully I can load a few more in Bangkok this afternoon.

One thought on “Climbing to Taktsang Temple

  1. Destination: Beautiful beyond words.

    Looking forward to seeing additional scenes. Very excited to greet everybody and hear all about it soon!

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