Making Lists

Going on a trip requires some planning.  Going on a trip with students requires more planning.  Going on a trip with students across the globe requires a ridiculous amount of planning.  The thing is, I have lists that refer to lists right now.  I always wonder, am I making too many lists?  Is there a way out of this crazy trap?

Today I made, what I thought was, my final list.  It has about ten bullet points…and at the end of the list I put the things I forgot to put on the list….and so I created another list that included all of the things I thought of….until I remembered something else.  So I decided, I’ll make a couple of different lists for different types of items: a list for *group* gear; a list for personal gear; a list of tech I need; a list of clothing…..then, this list mania made me kind of nuts.

Let’s face it, lists are great as long as they are functional and help you complete a task…..these lists were doing NOTHING of the sort….my lists were lists of things to remember….and, strangely enough sparked my memory of things I had forgotten.

OK, so what did I do about planning and making lists?  I stopped.  I have a list from a great web site:  This site tells it all…it’s a site within a site…including lots of useful information.

I grabbed information and moved on….hopefully, at the end of it all, I will have taken exactly what I needed.  Somehow, I’m not so sure.

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