6 Days and Counting

A monument to the dead...a message for the living.
A monument to the dead…a message for the living.

The day of departure draws near and the students in school are eager to fly across the ocean to Asia.  Our trip preparations are almost at an end as we make final decisions and make small changes to what we are carrying, thinking, doing in preparation.

I spoke with Jasper today who is trying to get over a cold and is focused on completing his finals.  When asked, “Are you ready?” he said, “I will be on Wednesday.”  His comment definitely summarized what most of us are feeling….get what we need to get done so that we can get done what we need to get done so that…..you get the idea.


1. Travel light; yeah I know people *say* this all the time, but in traveling to Thailand and Bhutan it is doubly true….lugging around stuff you don’t need is definitely a problem on this trip….take only what you need and don’t take what you don’t….so, what do you need?  Not much.

2. Take the basics; basics include a small vial of liquid soap (Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint is my favorite)….having the chance to clean your face is a beautiful luxury…the soap helps.

3. Don’t sweat the details, unless the details include your Passport!  Having traveled with students on many trips, the Passport issue is huge…I cannot tell you how many times someone has “misplaced” that document…lesson here: is it secret? Is it safe?

4. Be open and accepting….that’s always the lesson!

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