Travel to Japan in 2023

After a lot of consideration about travel to Bhutan and Thailand, it’s pretty clear that the cost of that trip was far beyond the ability of families to pay the steep fees imposed by the Bhutan Tourism Council. I understand their approach and I want the best for Bhutan and the Bhutanese people. At the same time, it does mean that our school will not travel to Bhutan this year as a result of those changes.

What that DOES mean is that we are traveling to Japan in late June 2023. Our plan is to start in Tokyo, staying primarily in Asakusa, and then on to Kyoto, living for a week in a machiya near Gion.

Included now is the updated itinerary with some specific details about where we’re going and what we are doing. Like all of the trips I organize, we are in Japan using public transportation, staying in one location in each city and visiting sites, museums, and everything else in the region.

As we finalize details for travel, be sure to pass me a note with ideas you have about places to visit in Tokyo and Kyoto!

Be well, my friends, and watch this space for more information about the trip, preparations, and specific thoughts about spending time in Japan!

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