Journal Entry #1: Hailey

Each student, over the course of the trip, will write a brief reflection on their experiences.  Today is Hailey’s reflection:

Today consisted of a breathtaking adventure up the mountains of Punakha, Bhutan where we got to experience yet another mesmerizing temple. The gold plated walls and hand carved statues and intimate details of the shrines were indescribable. The 45 minute hike in the pouring rain was well worth it to reach the top and see the once in a life time views of not only the temple, but of the entire city, rolling mountains, braided river and clouds bellowing through the steep hills.

The slippery hike down, with a nice break to munch on some fresh corn, was equally beautiful and gave the perfect opportunity to talk and admire the adorable cows roaming the rice fields below. Once back into town and changed, we had a lovely picnic lunch down by the river, accompanied, of course, by numerous stray dogs. We then left to trek the longest extension bridge in Bhutan where a fairly equally matched rock throwing competition had to take place. Logan won.

The beautiful fluttering prayer flags laced along the bridge led us straight back to the next temple where we learned the history of the Buddha and how to properly point in Bhutan, with all five fingers so none are selfishly pointed back toward youself. The day ended with some well deserved relaxation at our hotel on top of the hill, a delicious Indian dinner, and the anticipation of another spectacular day in this amazing country. 

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