Our Last Full Day in Bhutan

Despite the various difficulties getting here, Bhutan was, as always, wonderful.  Today, our travel from Haa to Paro took about 2:30 hours and we headed to lunch in town and then on to Kyechu Lhakhang Temple.

The entrance to the temple grounds.
The entrance to the temple grounds.
Back, Exterior, Kyechu Lhakhang temple
Back, Exterior, Kyechu Lhakhang temple
Placing Offerings (berries) on the Chorten
Placing Offerings (berries) on the Chorten














For years I wanted to visit the temple dedicated to Dilgo Khentsye Rinpoche and visit his home and grounds.  The temple did not disappoint.  The original building was constructed in the 7th century and is dedicated to Avalokitshevara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

The two shrine rooms include a few ancient statues and a monk obliged our request to open the inner sanctum and view the original Buddha statue and the surrounding bodhisattvas.  I so wish I could share a photo, but, as you can imagine, that practice is strictly forbidden.

The room is small and filled with statues of a number of bodhisattvas.  The largest are life size and the smallest sit on shelves around the room.  I’m guessing we were in a space no more than 12×12 feet square.

Spinning the Prayer Wheels
Natascha and Halle Spinning the Prayer Wheels at Kyechu Lhakhang

Halle and Natascha had their prayer beads blessed and we departed for the other shrine room (the main shrine room).  In this space is a statue of Dilgo Khentsye Rinpoche himself.  Halle’s comment “Dad, he was so cute” pretty much captures his essence, I’d say.  He was, by all accounts, a very learned, loving, humorous, caring person.We slowly made our way around the grounds of the temple, spinning prayer wheels, Namgay talking about the history and significance of this place.

Our evening was spent strolling around Paro town, visiting with Namgay’s nieces and his partner Debbie.

We are on to Bangkok tomorrow and Tokyo the next day.  Our stay in Tokyo at a traditional Ryokan promises to be fascinating…and hopefully, interesting!

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