Our 11 1/2 hour flight from LAX was, in fact, quite lovely.  If you haven’t flown ANA (All Nippon Airline) you should.  The service is exceptional, the folks are kind and access to music and movies made the time go by quickly. (Or as quickly as it can when traveling for many hours)

Once on the ground we grabbed NEX tickets into Tokyo and headed to our spot in Shinagawa….while I’m a big fan of Asakusa and that part of town, Shinagawa has, within a block of the hotel, some excellent ramen places including Tetsu….the line was out the door so we headed over to Sinasoba for bowls of ramen.

Our experience was hilarious in that you order your ramen by vending machine….you look at a picture, and then press buttons below…the situation was hilarious in that no one was quite sure WHAT they were going to get…yes, Axel got the strangest concoction (according to him).

Anyway, we made it safe, tired, and ready for more adventure….from Tokyo, konbanwa!

IMG_2726 IMG_2731 IMG_2733 Welcome to Japan! IMG_2729 IMG_2735 IMG_2731 (1) IMG_2734 IMG_2730 IMG_2721 IMG_2727

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