Asia Travels: Reflection

I have stayed in touch with the folks we connected with in Bhutan.  The Trongsa Middle Secondary School is on their extended break (between January and February).  During their break, our group will organize a series of fundraisers and mailings to the school.  Our plan is to provide some supplies and support for students who live at the school and travel from home to school.

Cole At Trongsa Lower Middle School
Cole At Trongsa Lower Middle School

Specifically, the school needs help for students who have no real source of income or support from their families.  The plan is to provide some funds for the school to disperse for students in need.  Those needs include medical help in case of illness, the ability to purchase food when necessary at school, and the ability to purchase clothing, including shoes.

In addition, I have received donations of new elementary and middle school readers and science books for the students.  We will mail those boxes to the school by February 15th to arrive by the start of the new school year after Losar at the beginning of March on our calendar.

If you have additional thoughts about providing support for the school, please do post that information right here.

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