In and Around Chamkar Town

Pema Sherab Choling Nunnery

Pema Sherab Choling Nunnery

After our visit to the museum we headed to a local nunnery.  The women are supported by an important lama and financially by an American family from Texas.

On our visit, Sebi decided to have his head shaved and a nun came out and shaved Sebi’s head in the same way the nuns shave their own heads.  See the pictures for the details!

The Burning Lake

Our last stop before returning to Chamkar was a visit to Burning Lake.  According to local history, Terton Pema Lingpa was born with the ability to find secret writings handed down by the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan, Padmasambhava.  Lingpa was not believed and he was forced to prove that he was given the gift of finding Padmasambhava’s secret writings (hidden throughout the Himalaya region).

Burning Lake
Burning Lake

Lingpa agreed to a test and led many people from the local village to a point on a river where the water pooled into a small lake.  At this point, Lingpa told the people that he would show them he was the “terton” or finder of these texts.  He took with him two butter lamps and jumped into the water.  When he came out the lamps were still lit and a light appeared in the water revealing the path to enlightenment for those willing to look.

From that point on, Lingpa became an important leader of Buddhism in Bhutan in the 15th century and found more than thirty hidden documents written by Padmasambhava.

In Chamkar Town

After our long day, the group stopped in Chamkar and Sebi, Matt, and Jordan purchased a tradition outfit for men called a Gho.  All men and boys in Bhutan wear this outfit and each was fitted with the perfect one for them!

We headed back to the hotel and prepared for an evening of conversation and laughter.

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