Arrived in Bangkok!

Bangkok Arrival on the Tarmac!
Bangkok Arrival on the Tarmac!

After twenty hours of flying and three plane changes, we arrived in Bangkok at 11:15 PM a little tired but ready to go.  Our day was relatively uneventful except for the panic-cry “I lost my passport, I lost my passport” by a few of our group.  Of course nothing was lost and everything geenrally flowed from place to place.

I’d like to say that we had some kind of profound experience….maybe the most profound thing was buying food in Tokyo.  From Green Tea Kit Kat candy to Pocari Sweat drinks out of vending machines (yes, they taste a lot like sweet) our experience was muted.

We landed in Bangkok in the rain and made it pretty quickly out of the airport and to the hotel, the Mariya Boutique Residence….the hotel is a little funky, and many had trouble figuring out how to turn on the lights…now we are all in bed, ready for our morning jaunt into the city and a visit to the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, and the Old City of Bangkok.

Until tomorrow, be safe and be well Albuquerque!

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