Thailand and Bhutan Reflection

As I sit here deep in the heart of the South, I cannot help but reflect on our trip to Asia and the shenanigans we encountered and participated in.  I distinctly remember Cole saying, when we landed in Bangkok, “I wonder if I will be more calm after this trip?”

The last I saw of our group, leaving the Albuquerque Sunport late at night, I can say they were most certainly calm…maybe catatonic would be a more appropriate word!  Having read a couple of journals so far, I can say that their experiences were as varied as the people they are.

In the coming days, I will post a variety of reflections from the trip.  I asked each person who traveled to write their down their experiences in journal form.  These journals I am including here on a page for each student.  Hopefully, they will contribute to the conversation about Thailand and Bhutan in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, we are establishing a fund to support the Tshangkha Middle Secondary School in Trongsa.  That fund will involve collecting specific resources for students in the school including paper, markers, pencils, and books used for instruction.  I am in touch with the school, and teachers are compiling a list of essential items I hope we can provide.

Stay tuned for more information and student insights!