Travel Recommendations

After about ten years of travel across parts of Asia, I have settled on a few key partners in my excursions in the world.  I have had the lucky opportunity to stay in a wide variety of places in Asia and have some very specific recommendations for places to stay, people to see, and things to do.  Rather than write an extensive blog entry about each of these institutions, I am collecting them here with web site information.

I can personally vouch for each of these places and the people I recommend.  While we might all experience difficulties at any time, every one of these folks have fulfilled their obligations and have raised my expectations of what human beings can do for each other.

Aggregate Sites (booking agencies etc)

Please note that I do all of my own booking in most cases.  I will contact hotels etc directly.  However, sometimes I will use a web site to help me along….these I rely on and all bookings have gone very well.

Illuminating Tours Bhutan

Hotels, Inns, and the Like

Ryokan Shigetsu Tokyo

Great Residence, Bangkok